Friday, December 29, 2006

Thank God for the Holidays*
by Joan Dobbie

Full Moon night
& I was driving
to the airport

Every gorgeous
speck of light
another way

to spell your name
The sky
was full of you

I pulled into the
short term parking
just in time

to see your plane
glide in, ran & ran
‘til I got to

the baggage carousel
& there you were
... & you & you

... & you & you
& you
(& brand new you!)

Seven wide, tired smiles
aimed like stars
in my direction

Every starry smile
another way
to spell my name

My eyes began to drip
my cheeks to ache
from grinning

My car filled up
with suitcases
& sunshine

My house
began to smell
like pumpkin pie

The rest, of course
is family history

copyright 2006 Joan Dobbie

*Card published in limited edition by Chuck Eyers, 2006. Photo by D. Phillips Copyright 2006